Edward was born in Providence Rhode Island and later moved to North Attleboro MA where he attended North Attleboro Highschool. During high school, he loved the creative classes such as journalism, drama, graphic arts and it is when he also picked up his first guitar and created his first band with two friends, named 3 of a kind. His two most favorite subjects were Theater and Science.

With no clear direction to go, after high school, he enlisted in the Massachusetts army national guard. He became a heavy equipment mechanic where he loved operating tanks and armored personnel carriers. While still in the Army Guard, at 21 years old he married his wife Sharon, and his and his wife’s first child was born one year later. Edward continued with his music and began writing songs. One of which was picked up and recorded on the Country Star Records label, produced by Eddie Crook. He attended college nights to get his education in computer technology and even enrolled in Sawyer School of Television and Radio broadcasting. He still wanted to perform and continued to play his music in small clubs and perform in local community plays.

Later In Life

He created his first production that he wrote the scripts for, hosted, edited and produced called Tales of Fame and Fate. It was unveiled on YouTube and quickly built a fan base as it is still growing today. He caught the attention of those in the industry Ed would be contacted by two production companies. One of which was from  Emmy Award winning TV host, motivational speaker, Christopher Ewing. After watching one of the Tales of Fame and Fate episodes, Christopher told Edward that he had the talent to go further in his career and that he should get back to his dream of acting and performing. Energized by the conversations they had Edward decided to go with his life long dream that he had put aside for so many years and become the performer he knew he always was meant to be.

Edward took all of his talent and dreams that was put aside for years to give his family the stability and love that they deserved, now, he hit the ground running at full speed to immerse himself into his acting career. Always studying, always learning, always perfecting his art, Edward now prides himself on being a talented, dedicated, hardworking  TV, Film and Commercial Actor.




Spring Hill, FL